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The company to carry out activities for children with leukemia Fangwu Fei donations

Date:2013年11月14日 10:44

Company stent workshop staff Fang Jinhan 12-year-old son, was diagnosed and diagnosed with acute leukemia. Fang Jinhan family this is not rich, in the face of huge medical expenses, Fang Jinhan teeth braved, heavily in debt. Company trade unions know that this matter, the organization of the organization of the power of the company carried out for the donation of the activities of Fang Jinhan son. November 1, the company donated all the crowds, we are to save the child and give their own a love. The company chairman Fang Yijun in personal name to donate 5,000 yuan (Wu Qian Yuan whole); Total: 36638.5 yuan (thirty thousand Luqian Lu Bai Sanji (the year), the total number of employees, Ba Yuan Wu angle).

     November 11, trade union chairman Zhang Weina, production director Fang Weikang, manufacturing minister Fang Zhaoying and his party with love donations came Fang Jinhan home, and personally handed over to Fang Jinhan hands.


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